Denver and Aspen Colorado,  2016!

Norman Doidge will be at two Colorado conferences this July. He will be presenting at the Integrated Listening Systems Conference (with  Stephen Porges, PhD,  among others) on July 21, in Denver.  He will also be at the Aspen Brain Lab, in Aspen, on July 23, 2016. See our Media and Live Appearances page for details and links.

The Brain That Changes Itself  has sold over 1 million copies and is now in over 100 countries, and chosen by the Dana Brain Foundation’s Journal Cerebrum, from among the 30,000 books on the brain in English, as the best general book on the brain. It, and The Brain’s Way of Healing, are both New York Times Bestsellers, and #1 Bestsellers in Canada. The Brain That Changes Itself is the all-time bestselling science book in Australia.

On the legacy of Oliver Sacks

Read Dr. Doidge’s inspirational 9,000 word essay on the importance of Dr. Sacks,  why we need and love the case history,  with thoughts on humane medicine, learning empathy, how to live, and how to die. Click here

Our Amazingly Plastic Brains
Lead Essay WSJ,  Click here